Choir of Angels


  1. Eclipse Tape™
  2. Praying Angel Stamp
  3. Peeking Angel Stamp
  4. Hobby knife or Scissors
  5. Cutting Mat
  6. Colored Pencils, Watercolors or Markers
  7. Ultra RS Postcard
  8. ShimmerKote™ White Notecard,
  9. Black Ink Pad
  10. Metallic Gold Pen
  11. Mosaic Tape™

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1. Trim approximately 2-1/2 inches of Eclipse Tape™ from the roll and attach to a self-healing cutting mat.

2. Cut into several 1-1/4 inch by 2-1/2 inch rectangles and layer.

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3. Stamp image onto tape.

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3.Cut out with hobby knife or scissors. Set aside. Repeat for as many masks as you will need. This project will require 6 total masks.

4. Peel off each Mask as you need it.


4. Stamp the Praying Angel image 3 times in a row near the bottom of a postcard.

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5. Lay the Eclipse Tape™ mask over the three stamped angels. To create the second layer of angels, stamp two angels over the masks, so they appear between the first row of Angels. Lay the Eclipse Tape mask over the two stamped angels. Finally stamp last image using the Peeking Angel.

6. To add color or stamp a background pattern to the back of the card, leave the masks on the Angels and apply background color with Color Dusters. Carefully remove masks and color angels as desired.

Tip: Store masks for future use on the top of the stamps.

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7. Trim postcard making sure the Choir is in the middle of the card to 5 by 3-3/4 inches. Using a Metallic Gold pen, edge card. Layer onto final notecard with double sticky Mosaic Tape™ .

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