Pansy Pocket



  1. Eclipse Tape™ GP010
  2. Pocket Stamp 1700G
  3. Blossom 3 Cube 6553H
  4. Nature Bollio 6804K
  5. UltraRS Postcards AP137
  6. Envy Tall Cards AP713
  7. Serene Tall Cards AP712
  8. Mosaic Tape GP007
  9. Waterbrush
  10. Watercorlos
  11. Pen Knife CTK06
  12. Cutting Mat CTM03
  13. Ruler GT013
  14. Various Inks
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Step 1: Create masks stamping images on Eclipse Tape™. For ease of cutting masks, apply Eclipse Tape to a cutting mat. Set aside.

Step 2: Stamp Pansy image onto an UltraRS postcard. Lay Pansy mask over stamped image.

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Step 3: Stamp Pocket image over Pansy mask.

Step 4: Apply Pocket mask over stamped image. Stamp additional Pansies over Pocket and Pansy masks.

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Step 5: Color Pansies with watercolors. Trim postcard and layer onto Baby Blue card. Set aside.

For added effect, stamp Blossom side of the Nature Bollio along the length of the Pine Green tall card. Final step: Layer Pansy Pocket onto Pine Green tall card.

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