Cuadro Montage


  1. Eclipse Tape™ GP010
  2. Cuadro Montage stamp 2572J
  3. Various stamps
  4. Pen Knife CTK06
  5. Color Dusters GT012
  6. Ultra RS Postcard AP137
  7. Plum Square Cards AP601
  8. Watercolors
  9. Permanent Ink IP001
  10. Blank Stamp Pad IP002

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1.On an UltraRS postcard, stamp Montage image with a dark colored stamp pad. Set aside.

Trim approximately 5 inches of Eclipse Tape from the roll and attach to a self-healing cutting mat.

2. Stamp Montage image onto Eclipse Tape. Cut out with pen or hobby knife.

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3. Remove cut-outs and set aside. You will use these masks later. Apply Montage mask over stamped postcard from Step 1.

4. Using ColorDusters apply inks (or paints) to cut-out areas. Let ink dry. Stamp faces, fans, leaves, flowers, etc. into cut-out areas.

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5. Carefully remove mask.

6. Apply coordinated colors of ink, paint or chalks with ColorDusters. For a rustic appearance, tear edges of postcard.

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7. Apply highlights with watercolors. When stamping faces, coloring white into the eyes, brings added depth.

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